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Africa's "Our Person" syndrome

Obama somewhere in Afrika. According to one Afrikan journalist, Obama should do more for Africa due to his African ancestry The other day, a senior journalist (I have no idea which organisation ranks journalists though) remarked that United States President , Barack Obama, like his predecessor, George Bush Jnr, had not done much for Africa. Apparently, Obama, born of an African father of Kenyan origin, making him "our person" . As our person, Obama was supposed to have Africa's agenda somewhere close to his heart, giving it almost as much priority as that of the US. Africa is yet to come to the reality that Obama is a US citizen, voted in by the good people of US to mind about their concerns. If it involves screwing Africa, so be it.

A Tale of 2 Bakeries

Doughnuts from the bakery on the left are heavenly, with their browning and taste. The bakery on the left serves theirs with squelch of oil. Let me start by apologising - what a cliché, again, I apologise - for not joining in the "holiday mood" - what a cliché - and posting a feel good post on Christmas, or even after taking much liberty to include this as as my tarting paragraph, falling short by not taking this opportune moment to bid you something to do with the various holidays and festivities. The holidays are a great time for promotions. Spending is greater than the rest of the year with few people saving for the occasion and a many others opting to spend their January salary in the last few days of December. As a few have learnt, the last few days of December can be game changers for an entire year. Businesses are also out to cash in on the "festive mood" - seems I won't be running out of clichés - by offering various discounts and offers to wo

The Desperate Quest for the Faithful Guy

Image Artist - Unknown I came across this tweet yesterday evening - " The higher a man's IQ , the more sexually faithful he tends to be." I laughed hard,and shed a few tears, not tears of joy, but tears of pity at the many ladies who were retweeting it, weeping for their desperation. The statement ranks in truth to the other popular statement that refers to all men as dogs - lying and cheating bastards. Both statements are what should be referred to as fallacies, defined by Wikipedia as  " incorrect argumentation in reasoning resulting in a misconception or presumption. By accident or design, fallacies may exploit emotional triggers in the listener or interlocutor ( appeal to emotion ), or take advantage of social relationships between people (e.g. argument from authority ). Fallacious arguments are often structured using rhetorical patterns that obscure any logical argument. " Notice above where it says "fallacies may exploit emotional trigg