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A bad case of writer's block

On Wednesday morning, like any other Wednesday, I emptied my waste basket into a polythene "paper" bag, and left it outside for collection, before boarding a matatu to work.

However, unlike other Wednesdays, I received a text message from a friend, telling me that he had "seen my story in the Nation". I ignored it, thinking that probably he had seeing a similar story , with facts similar and assumed that someone had copied my story.

Getting into the office, I was checking on recent stories I have written and how other media houses  reported them, when I stumbled onto an article titled "Tech gurus caught napping as 103 websites hacked" .

While the story of the hacking was exposed on the Security Forum, I was arguably the first journalist to cover it, with a little bit more facts that I added from some research and my experience.

HIV and AIDS in Africa : The source, return and negligence

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is a disease that has wrecked quite some havoc across Africa. "Although Africa is home to about 14.5% of the world's population, it is estimated to be home to 69% of all people living with HIV and to 72% of all AIDS deaths in 2009." says Wikipedia. 

AIDS is caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and is usually an advanced stage of the HIV virus leading to death. With treatment though, HIV may not progress to AIDS.

In Africa, HIV statistics are quite complex, with Southern African countries being the most affected with a more than a 15% national infection rate. Eastern African countries are in the medium with 8% while Western African countries are in the lower percentages, with most at less than 5% , due to a weaker and less infectious West African strain of HIV. There are exceptions though, countries like Angola and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have a lower statistic compared to their regions. It appears war somehow …