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The World of Condoms!

Do you know that there is a town in France called Condom! Imagine telling someone that you are going to see a certain girl in Condom! Ever run short of reasons for carrying a condom in difficult circumstances. Here are some perfectly accepted other uses condoms: · Preventing a rifle barrel from clogging! · Creating water proof microphones! · Holding water in emergency situations · Smuggle cocaine · In Soviet Gulags, prisoners used condoms to smuggle up to 3 liters (diluted to make 7 liters of vodka) of concentrated vodka into prison. EABL , Trust and Kamiti Prisoners sign MOU. · Keeping soil samples dry during soil tests · Improvised as a one way valve by paramedics when performing chest decompressions. Why are you carrying a condom? For a medical emergency! Animal intestines were used to make condoms around 1900! The oldest condoms found were from 1640, discovered in Dudley Castle in England. Please

Are you looking for somehere to dump your electronic waste, karibu Kenya, hakuna matata

Kenya, unlike xenophobic South Africa, has been known to be very welcoming to foreigners. We are so welcoming that even at the height of post election violence, we still preferred welcoming them to living with the neighbors we had lived with since we were born. We have continued with this tradition in this era of globalization and digitization that we are now accepting their electronic waste.In fact, we are so good that we are ranked alongside China and India by wikipedia. Electronic waste end up in Kenya mainly thtough the following ways: Donations to schools and instituitions through some large organisations They are assembled in clones and second hand computers for sale Electronic waste may be send top Kenya for processing Clones are the computers which are mostly unbranded and assembled by small scale assemblers in Kenya or the east. Also note that alsthough the casing might bear brands such as Digitek, mpaq, xcess or the like, mostly printed, this are also clones since thoise are