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Next time, grab a mat, it is cooler than a limo. That amplifier in the corner is TOO big to be outside a club, and in a university. you guys get serious. and now back to our ride, with a 42" plasma screen, does you limo beat that? Yes, please, there was no call to recycle old blankets. Please, leave your blanket in one PIECE
IDIOT’S GUIDE TO PURCHASING A PHONE. By Dennis Kioko Are you buying a phone; might you be considering to upgrade your phone. Getting another phone may be a difficult decision to make with new technology and new phones being released every day. It may not be as simple as walking into a phone shop and asking for a phone. You have to buy a phone that suits your budget, tastes and likes. Carriers including Safaricom, Celtel, and Telkom wireless have also included a horde of new features that may compound the confusion of their subscribers who may not know about their use. Moreover, carriers are now introducing contracts ranging from 1 year onwards hence you may have to first of all make technical consultations before deciding to invest into a phone or contract. In this feature, we will cover the basics and delve a little bit into the technical issues of mobile telephony. First things first, what service do you require from your phone? You will obviously need to make voic