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How Kenyan mobile users are "accidentally" charged for services they didn't buy

Texts showing unsusbcription from RoamTech's 2254 and refund of deducted airtime. RoamTech has subscribed StartTimes clients to other billable services. Last time, I told you guys about how some  fishy company was deducting my Safaricom airtime, silently . Well, I found the chaps, and found that I wasn't the only one affected by this scam. If you ever owned a StarTimes decoder, and used the *850# , well, guess what, your airtime might be disappearing to some company known as RoamTech. To be clear, StarTimes here might have nothing to do with this, since RoamTech was just their supplier, providing them with the *850# service. The use of the numbers using the service for other purposes might not have been passed through them. Located at the 1st floor of Mayfair Business Centre, just behind Mayfair Restaurant and Casino in WestLands. I then demanded an explanation as to why the chaps have been deducting  robbing me of  deducting my airtime. Well, the company was mi