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4G: Speed is good

Disclosure: I work for Safaricom, Kenya's only 4G mobile provider. The perks of 4G is the speeds at which  websites load, apps and files download, and good video quality. YouTube as an example, loads in high definition as seen here A few months ago,   I lost my phone gave my phone to Nairobi’s best con man . It was a Nexus 4, a phone I had owned since November 2013, and one that I had come to love. One Stephen Mwakesi quipped that losing that phone was a good thing - I had stayed with an aging phone for far too much long. That’s the lovely thing about Nexus phones, the experience is above your typical android phone (other than for battery life) you never want to switch. Luckily, I got a new phone from my employer the following week, my first 4G phone, an LG G3.