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This trouser had one of its legs accidentally dyed and was sold at a bargain price. Should I be more clearer? Last night, there was a blackout, When I left my girlfriend's room, I confused belts. Mind you, I got only one belt, my roommates dont own any. Yeah right. Don't waste time!! The Govt should start censoring posters!This is being touted as one of the major causes of post election violence!
Next time, grab a mat, it is cooler than a limo. That amplifier in the corner is TOO big to be outside a club, and in a university. you guys get serious. and now back to our ride, with a 42" plasma screen, does you limo beat that? Yes, please, there was no call to recycle old blankets. Please, leave your blanket in one PIECE
IDIOT’S GUIDE TO PURCHASING A PHONE. By Dennis Kioko Are you buying a phone; might you be considering to upgrade your phone. Getting another phone may be a difficult decision to make with new technology and new phones being released every day. It may not be as simple as walking into a phone shop and asking for a phone. You have to buy a phone that suits your budget, tastes and likes. Carriers including Safaricom, Celtel, and Telkom wireless have also included a horde of new features that may compound the confusion of their subscribers who may not know about their use. Moreover, carriers are now introducing contracts ranging from 1 year onwards hence you may have to first of all make technical consultations before deciding to invest into a phone or contract. In this feature, we will cover the basics and delve a little bit into the technical issues of mobile telephony. First things first, what service do you require from your phone? You will obviously need to make voic

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Kenya Links I decide to make a collection of Kenyan and other East African Websites and categorize them here. Any suggestion are welcomed at ACADEMIC Kenyatta University University of Nairobi Daystar university Maseno University Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology GOVERNMENT AND STATE ORGANIZATIONS State House National Agency for Campaign against Drug Abuse COMPANIES communication Telkom Kenya Safaricom Celtel Kenya Siemens