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Why we loved Mixcrate and Where to next?

With Mixcrate gone, lovers of music either have to pony up a fee for a variety of streaming services or head over to YouTube There are two types of music listeners: those who listen by artist or by album, and those who listen by top hits. The second lot of us do not care much about what other music made it to an album besides the top 2 hits. Mixcrate served the second lot of us very well. You could search for a song title or an artist, and you would have dozens of DJ mixes to choose from which contained more than the one hit you searched for. Listening to music on Mixcrate also meant that once you settled into a mix, you had uninterrupted music for the next one hour.

Why do Android smartphones suck?

Google's new Pixel smartphone Make Android Great Again?  It overheats. It runs out of charge fast. The camera sucks. It hangs. Why do Android smartphones suck? Many iPhone users say they won’t return to Android, and wonder why Android users are stuck with what they consider a subpar experience. Alternatively, many Android users have many a time found themselves having to settle with a shortcoming on their phone. The same predicament comes up when you are shopping for an Android device. Finding the perfect,  or near perfect phone seems impossible. You have to pick a shortcoming. So why is this the case? Why can’t the thousands of Android smartphone manufacturers make the perfect device?